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Gastops MetalSCAN

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MetalSCAN Oil Debris Monitoring System
An unexpected mechanical failure causes unplanned downtime and repair costs, which plant operators cannot afford. MetalSCAN provides an effective early warning of aero-derivative gas turbine bearing damage and enables plant operators to detect early damage, monitor the damage progression and plan engine repairs so that disruption to operations and repair costs are minimized.

MetalSCAN sensors are available for the full range of aero-derivative gas turbine engines and are ready to be installed into rigid or flexible oil return lines using installation kits developed specifically for each engine model. The flow-through design of MetalSCAN ensures that 100% of the oil flow is monitored continuously, with no additional pressure loss through the sensor.

For the aero-derivative engine application, MetalSCAN is designed for use in harsh environments and is certified for use in hazardous areas. Its signal processing electronics are housed in a rugged enclosure for environmental protection. The system control unit processes raw signals from up to 6 individual sensors, extracts information from these signals about the size and type of metallic debris detected, and provides this information to the plant monitoring system via a RS422/485 serial link and industry standard Modbus protocol.

The MetalSCAN system can be interfaced readily with existing facility control systems or GasTOPS can provide its PC-based MetalSCAN Monitor display system. The information provided by MetalSCAN includes:

Number of particles detected in each size range;

Type of particle (ferromagnetic or non-ferromagnetic);

Rate of particle generation;

Total particle counts and total mass of debris detected.

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LM6000 Gastops MetalSCAN
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